You can use the Enzo Azure Explorer at no charge!!!  

Simply download the tool and off you go! (this is a preview version)  

What's New

You can now easily explorer Azure Tables, Azure Queues and Azure Blobs.

You can also create, edit and delete data in tables, blobs and queues.

Try it now! This product is free. Gratis. 

Enzo Azure Explorer

Use Enzo Azure Explorer to manage and explore your Azure Storage data in Blobs, Queues and Tables. The underlying API is the one used by the Enzo Cloud Backup product, so you know it's been tested and performs well. This product is made available at no charge. That's right! Exploring your Azure Storage accounts shouldn't be hard or expensive!


    Install Enzo Azure Explorer    


  • Explore Blobs, Tables and Queues in your storage account
  • Register multiple storage accounts to easily navigate
  • Create entities, blobs, messages and edit entities
  • Control blob access security


You can obtain assistance with configuration and general support by email.