This API is free. Simply download and register Enzo Cloud Backup, then request your API license key!

Enzo Cloud Backup API

Use Enzo Cloud Backup API to create backups of SQL Database, Azure Tables, Azure Blobs and run database scripts. The API gives you complete control over the backup and restore functions of Enzo Cloud Backup so that you can use it in your own applications. Note that the API requires an installed version of Enzo Cloud Backup.

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  • Integrated the API in your code and access Blob backup devices easily
  • Start and stop backup and restore operations from your code
  • Access operation log directly from your code and %completion as well


With the Enzo Cloud Backup API, you can programmatically:

  • Create a backup blob, or a backup file of a SQL Database, Azure Table and Blobs
  • Restore a SQL Database from a backup blob, or a backup file
  • Restore Azure Tables from a backup blob, or a backup file
  • Copy Azure Tables into a SQL environment for analysis/reporting
  • Perform limited backup and restore of SQL Server databases (see details)
  • Run backups and scripts using an agent
  • Backup a single schema of a database
  • Restore specific tables only (database tables and Azure Tables)
  • Perform transactionally consistent backups for SQL Database


See the online help for details on how to use the API at



You can obtain assistance with configuration and general support by email.