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Welcome to the Enzo Cloud Backup help system. Choose an item in the left menu.

This release is packed with enhancements. Most features are available with the Community Edition; however the Community Edition is limited in the number of backup operations that can be performed monthly. Please make sure to contact us at info @ if you experience any issues!


Backup Azure Blobs

You can backup Azure Blobs using Enzo Cloud Backup. Backing up blobs can be done by specifying a list of containers, or a list of blobs, or both. You can use a simple notation using * to specify multiple containers and blobs. For example, a list of blobs with */* will backup all containers and blobs under the storage account selected.

Explore Containers and Blobs

With Enzo Cloud Backup you can also explore your blob containers, and blobs, and inspect their properties and metadata values.

Blob Backup API

The Enzo Cloud Backup API has been enhanced to support backup and restore of Azure Blobs (block and page blobs).

Blob Backup Engine and Performance Metrics

The blob backup and restore logic is based on a new and improved operation engine. The operation engine also leverages Microsoft Instrumentation so that you can see detailed progress of the operation using Performance Counters per operation.


The built-in scheduler has been revamped and now allows backup operations in up to 5 minute increments, or using a custom cron schedule.

Windows Service Agent

The previous Cloud Agents have been retired; instead you can run the agent as a Windows Service in the cloud or on your local machine(s).

RA-GEO Storage Account Support

You can use the RA-GEO Storage Account instead of your primary storage account to perform you backup operations. This allows you to perform backup operations without affecting your production bandwidth and overall throttling limits.


You can now encrypt your backup devices using strong encryption, for both Blob and File devices. You will need to specify a local certificate for this option to become available. As long as the certificate is available on a local machine, a user can restore an encrypted backup file.