Our Approach

We deliver services either onsite or remotely depending on your needs and budget. Our consultants are trained in Azure and understand the delicate tradeoffs between performance, security and speed to market.

Azure Services

We help our customers through advisory services and specialized development services.

Advisory Services

Work directly with our architects and cloud experts to review your cloud adoption plans and product designs. Our expertise in cloud computing will help you make the right decisions and help you avoid expensive rewrites. We can review all aspects of your adoption plans including scalability and performance, sharding options, cloud-based queuing and hybrid cloud adoption initiatives.

We offer the following advisory options:

  • Architecture Review
    We will review your application design for performance, scalability and security. We will provide a written recommendation for next steps and possible alternatives to consider in your cloud adoption plans.

  • Ongoing Guidance
    We will meet with you on a regular basis (once or twice a month) to discuss current issues, opportunities and review your adoption progress. We will also advise you on recent cloud developments and how they can impact your business.

Database Performance Tuning

We understand data inside and out, and we have in-depth experience with application design. So if your application experiences performance issues, you can count on us to help you pinpoint the root cause and craft a mitigation plan to help your application get back on track from a performance standpoint.  

  • Database and Application Performance Troubleshooting
    Database performance tuning; workload isolation; index reviews; application design changes; retry logic and more.

Cloud and Mobility Development Services

Our consulting services will help you run Azure projects from start to finish, including conceptual design, physical design, development and testing. Our teams use agile development methodologies and can adapt to your business objectives.   

  • .NET Development in Windows Azure (PaaS)
    We help your team design and develop complex solutions to take advantage of caching, shards (Federations), performance, Queuing, SQL Azure (SQL Database).

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    If you need assistance in configuring Virtual Machines in the cloud we can help as well. We have extensive experience with implementing VMs, configuring networks, SQL Server and more.

  • Mobility
    Most of our projects include mobile development with a Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) approach. We can work with you to best determine your mobile development plans and build your mobile platforms leveraging cloud computing.

  • Methodology
    To keep the focus on deliverables and reduce project risks our team uses the Agile Methodology and keeps track of development activities multiple times a week.

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